WAVEPulse SterilizationTM
SterileTest ValidationTM


The Company, based in Massachusetts, owns a new-to-the-market, world-class and proprietary technology platform that raises the standard of sterilization. WAVEPulseTM Sterilization technology, previously commercialized to sterilize hazardous bio-pathogens in the mail, is a turnkey proof-of-concept device and uses a combination of microwave, heat and water to modify the DNA/RNA chains of bio-pathogens. Commercialization focus is on sterilization of medical instruments.

High-Performance System

WAVEPulseTM Sterilization is an advanced technology designed to reduce total cycle time, lower processing and inventory costs, eliminate toxicity concerns, control against user error, and reduce infection rates. It is a patented and configurable system that utilizes controlled energies, atomized solvents and NASA-developed processes.

Design Flexibility

The characteristics of WAVEPulseTM Sterilization allow for a broad range of novel product configurations, engineering designs, and product solutions that address large, diverse markets. Performance attributes that can be designed into new product solutions include temperature ranges, system dimensions, sequencing of energy levels and types, and length of the sterilization cycle, among others. This flexibility allows the targeting of new and existing product segments requiring superior sterilization solutions.

Validation Data

Performance has been independently validated to attain a Sterility Assurance Level (“SAL”) of 10-10, which significantly exceeds 10-4 to 10-6 levels currently achieved in the marketplace.


Development Pathway

The Company has an aggressive product development and commercialization program, including:

  • Low temperature sterilization testing. A key part of the Company’s development initiative is to penetrate and sterilize biofilm both inside lumens and on the outside surfaces of instruments to overcome cleaning deficiencies;
  • Elevate the new SAL standard to 10-10; and
  • Deactivate mouse prions that are 85% homologous to human prions. There are not any known systems that can deactivate prions and successfully reprocess medical instruments.

Marketplace Research

While continuing to conduct primary market research, the Company has identified current reprocessing systems’ inability to thoroughly disinfect and sterilize temperature-sensitive instruments and scopes as an important unmet need. This limitation is a source of persistent infection, leading to patient suffering and death, in addition to financial penalties to hospitals.


The Company’s strategy is to partner with world-class hospitals, re-processors and other forward-thinking medical institutions.

Intellectual Property

The Company’s intellectual property comprises of three issued U.S. patents and two patent applications filed in 2016 and 2017. The company is not subject to any restrictive licenses, assignments or fields of use.

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