WAVEPulseTM Sterilization Technology

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WAVEPulseTM Sterilization technology fragments proteins, providing a high level of sterilization, disinfection, and deimmunization of organisms that frequently cause hospital-acquired infections at temperatures that are compatible with heat-sensitive instruments.

Challenges in sterilizing medical devices
  • Limited efficacy of low-temperature disinfection processes
  • Failure to achieve sterilization due to residual pathogens and limited effectiveness of current methods
  • No effective methods to destroy stable proteins (e.g., prions)
  • Liability risk on the part of healthcare providers and equipment suppliers
Protein destruction delivers sterilization
  • New technology – combines microwave, heat and non-toxic solvents
  • Fragments proteins
  • Repeated, consistent and superior bench testing results
  • 10-10 Sterility Assurance Level (SAL)
  • Anthrax surrogate sterilization (spore of greatest resistance)
  • Prion destruction
  • Extensive IP protection

WAVEPulseTM Sterilization addresses the common problems of equipment cross-contamination and incomplete disinfection that contribute to approximately 100,000 U.S. based HAI-related deaths annually.

Application Areas
  • Automatic Endoscope Reprocessing
  • Surgical instrument sterilization
  • Surgical system sterilization
  • Reprocessing of single-use devices